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Welcome to our family

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It all started here, on Wolfe Island approximately 150 years ago. 

Our ancestors were hard working, innovative, and ambitious - this was evident by what they left for the next generation. They built the largest dairy barn in Canada and broke through gender roles when Brigid Pyke became the first female president of The Ontario Federation of Agriculture and Vice President Canadian Federation of Agriculture. Relatives of the Pyke family have carried our traditions and continue to farm today.


Dairy farming was the way of life for decades, until Duncan and Bev Pyke began a landscaping product company in Kingston, our neighboring city. After operating for 25 years, they decided to return to their roots and rest back home.


We, their children and spouses, have followed them back to where it all began and we are sooo glad we did. We have found paradise here and we are honoured to share it with you. 

Who are we?

We are two sisters who live together in the farmhouse that started it all with our husbands and children - Mickayla and Mason with George and Charles, and Samantha and Nick.

How did we get here? 

Mickayla married her sweetheart Mason Pyke who also shared the same last name as her...kinda. Our maiden name is Pike and his last name is Pyke. Crazy eh?

The four of us had been living together for many years before the opportunity to live in Mason's great-great-grandfather's house on Wolfe Island, Ontario. Sharing the same last name as the Pyke family really makes it all feel meant to be.

For decades, this property saw many days of long hard work. It was because of their tireless efforts that their great-great-great-grandchildren are able to fully enjoy the wonder the property has to offer. 

And now, we feel so blessed to have you here.



Samantha has had a passion for hosting guests for some time. She has operated multiple vacation rentals, is the founder of a curated vacation rental community called the Hosting Société.

Mickayla is  film director at Mickayla Pyke Media who is a heart centered story teller. Her connection and understanding of film industry make Pyke Farm's an ideal location for filming and photography.


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