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Our farmhouse overlooks the expansive view of Lake  Ontario. This is where the St. Lawrence Seaway meets it's source. Massive ocean liners pass by our front lawn making you feel as if you really are on the sea.



On your way here, you'll pass by acres of farm fields which our family has been harvesting for over a century. They make the perfect backdrop for a down to earth vibe.

The Barn

At the time the barn was built, it was the largest dairy barn in Canada. It is an iconic center piece to our property. It offers cathedral ceilings and a step back into early hardworking mornings on the farm. The barn has not been touched since it closed in the 90s - expect to see dusty hay filled lofts and our resident chickens.


Our Farmhouse

We are the fifth generation to live at Pyke farms.  When we moved in in November 2020, we had the intention of lovingly restoring it to a house that would fit our needs as a family. Our goal was to celebrate its heritage and the breathtaking views that surround her.

Garden Gathering

Set the  scene under the black locust canopy. You can choose to set the table yourself, or have us create a whimsical gathering. Expect fresh blooms and edibles from our property to dress the table. We have everything you need to recreate this shot.

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